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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Super Gold HM Betta ( Male )

I'm really excited about this piece, a Super Gold Half-moon Male. Of course, the term "Super Gold" is coined up, but to me this betta is quite superb, as I would say that the gold is pretty intense. However, my ideal gold would be that of a real gold bar, and that will be my objective, if that is achievable. A fellow Malaysian breeder and friend, Jit bought him while scouting for decent bettas in the market during one of his recent visits to Bangkok, Thailand. His deportment is good too, and he is born to pose in front of the camera; photographing him was surely enjoyable!

click pic to view higher resolution

It is possible that he carries some dragon genes, as the scales look pretty solid, not transparent. I am impressed by his excellent gold metallic spread. Finnage can be improved further, but my problem is that I do not have a good gold female HM to pair him with at the moment. I will use what I have at this point of time, and hope for the best, so wish me luck in spawning him. Stay tuned for developments in a couple of months' time! :)

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